Share Zone: In share zone, the user is allowed to add as many files as required. It’s even easy for when the user is on the sender side to send the application to the receiver. Rather than searching for a particular application, it can be a good option to add an application in share zone if you have numerous applications install in the mobile device.

Can Change Customization: The shareit application consists of a default avatar in lavender color as per your wish. The avatar can be customized with own photo or with some other avatar that is available in shareit application. You can also customize the application with your name, and it will display on the shareit application.  The customized name and avatar will be visible to the user at the time of transferring files and also at the time of receiving of files.

Web Share: To share any file in any application that application needs to installed in the sender and the receiver device. In shareit application by using the web share feature, the sender and receiver can share files by creating a medium between them. The person who has installed the shareit application will provide a web share option if the link shared to the receiver, and the receiver downloads the link by connecting the sender hotspot exchange files, audio, files, and type of file.  

Creation Of Group: This is a feature that allows to share the audio, video, apps, movies with friends easily without any burden. To share and to recieve the files the devices need to be added in the group. In group you can add your friends as mnay as possible and send the file to all of them at a time its better to send at a time rather than sending them individually.

Optimized Video Player: This provides an optimized video player to provide the best watching experience

Download Progress: Download progress is made available in the shareit application to know about the status of downloading files.

Control Of Media Playback: All the users can control the media playback in the app.

Share Contact: The files in the shareit application can send to the contacts in the shareit version of

Availability Of Online Videos: shareit application streams with many online videos to watch. The videos that stream in the shareit application can watch online, and some of them can also watch through offline mode. The shareit application provides an opportunity to save the online videos if the user is interested.

Availability of Music:  The shareit application allows the users to find and to listen to trending music. There is availability to listen to music in two modes as online mode and offline mode. There is a massive set of the playlist in the shareit application.

Technical Information Of Skype App

Application Skype
Author Priit Kasesalu

Jaan Tallinn

Developer Skype technologies
Initially Released On 29 August 2003
Windows UWP stable version
Windows UWP stable version released on 2 November 2020
macOS stable version
macOS stable version released on 2 November 2020
Windows desktop stable version
macOS stable version released on 13 November 2020
Linux stable version
Linux stable version released on 2 November 2020
Android stable version
Android stable version released on 2 November 2020
iOS stable version
iOS stable version released on 2 November 2020
Compatible With Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Hololens, Xbox One
Available in 108 languages
Type of application Video conferencing, VoIP and instant messaging
Languages Used Delphi, Objective C, C++
License Freemium


Features Of Shareit Application: The features of shareit application are as given below:

The latest features of shareit application are included with the features as it has fastest transfer speed. Shareit application can transmit files at a speed of 20M/s, which is 200 times faster when compared to any other file sharing application.

HD Quality Audios and Videos: The videos in shareit are with HD quality, and there is the flexibility to watch the videos even in offline mode. The videos need to download with cellular data or wi-fi, and they can be viewed later in offline mode.

Platform Oriented: Supports cross-platform sharing as the shareit application allows the users to share files between android to windows, android to iOS, pc to android, windows to android, iOS to Android, android to pc.

Availability Of Stickers: Share it has multiple features as GIF, stickers, and wallpapers. These features are made available to download in shareit application, and there is also a possibility to share it with friends.

Transmission Of Files Is Free: There is no need for an internet connection to share the files as the sender, and the receiver devices need to be connected to share the files. Shareit is one of the novel features that is provided by shareit as there is no need for internet connection as the medium to transfer files between the devices.

Transmission Is Fast: The shareit application allows the users to send and receive the files. The transmission between them is very fast when compared to any other file sharing application the shareit application is 200 faster, and it also allows sharing any file as jpg, MPEG, apps, movies, apk, doc.