Pros Of Spotify:

The following are the advantages on using spotify

  1. It has the ability to play any song what you want in the premium mode
  2. You can skip songs as you need. By using spotify premium it will add extreme quality streaming at 320 kbps as it will provide detailed audio with high-end headphones.
  3. You can listen the music offline by downloading it and adding it into playlist.

Cons Of Spotify:

The following are the disadvantages that are in the spotify application

  1. This application is available in limited number of countries
  2. If we want to upgrade the paid service you have to pay regardless you use the service or not. The prices are high.

There is limitation over usage as you will be interrupted in between with advertisements.


Spotify is a digital music streaming service launched on 2008, October 7. It provides access to numerous songs, podcast, videos. The access to stotify is simple as you can access the songs, podacsts, videos by simple signng up with your email. There are two versions available in spotify as  Spotify freemium and spotify premium. The spotify free is a version which is an add-supported and premium version doesn’t contain any ads. This application can be accessed by personal computer, laptop, mobile device.

The spotify provides 50 milllions tracks. We can create playlists by adding songs to it. The spotify application provides it’s access in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, America ans on modern devices as windows, macOS, linux computers. It has 232 million active users and 108 million paying subscribers. The headquarters of spotify is in Stockholm, Sweden.

How Does Spotify Work:

To get started in spotify is easy. The procedure is as given below

Step 1: Visit spotify website and login to the account by providing email. You can even login with facebook account.

Step 2: Choose subscription level. By subscribing to spotify premium you have a chance to unlock many features

Step 3: Download and install free spotify application. There are versions available for desktop, iphone, ipad, windows.

Step 4: Sign to the account and you can start listening


Features Offered In Spotify:

The following are the features that are offered in spotify.

  • Download Music:

You can download music in spotify premium as they can be heard even in the offline mode. More than 10,000 songs can be added to the playlist.

  • Provides high quality streaming and audio quality:

Streaming is done in Ogg Vorbis format. There are four levels of bitrates are available for each quality level.

  1. Lower at 24kbps
  2. Normal streams 96kbps
  3. High at 160kbps
  4. High streams 320kbps
  • We can find friends in spotify:

If you signup with your facebook account it will be easy to find and follow friends. There is a search option available in the application to search for friends. The procedure to find friends is as given below

Step 1: goto your profile which is in settings

Step 2: tap on find friends

Step 3: you will be allowed to follow them

  • Bluetooth connectivity for spotify:

If you are accessing the spotify from mobile device then there is a possibility to connect with different types of Bluetooth devices. If you have spotify premium then you can make use of spotify connect.

  • Private listening mode is available:

If you have connected with facebook account with spotify then your friends and family can see the playlist what you are listening. If you don’t want them to see your playlist then you can activate private listening mode. The procedure to activate is as given below.

Step 1: Go the settings in your account

Step 2: A quick click of a button on the desktop browser

Step 3: Your playlist will be in private mode