Discord is an online application that is specialized in texting, sharing images, video calling, voice calls for gamers. Discord is accepted on different platforms like Windows, iOS, Linux, web browsers. Discord is released in May 2015 by Jason Citron. Discord uses metaphors of servers and channels to internet relay chat.  A user can create a server depending on access control and can provide it public visibility and access to create one or more channels within the server. Discord channels can create voice chat channels.

Every user of discord has a unique four-digit identification number which includes # after the user name. This allows the users to have the same username for multiple people which is easy to create an account. At the server and the user level, it allows the users to connect with twitch.tv. Discord provides partial support for text through mandown syntax. By 2019 May it has 250 million registered users through web and mobile platforms, 56 million people are using it’s service every month and sending 25 billion messages.


Features Of Discord:

           The following are some of the features that are offered in discord

Minimal CPU usage:

            Discord is designed for gamers as it doesn’t interfere with other applications and doesn’t take processing power.

Browser & Mobile Support:

            Discord doesn’t require installation as it can be accessed through the browser. The browser support is made extensive.

Server Hosting:

             The setup for Discord is easy and its interface is user-friendly. It has third party development support for making things like Discord bot  

Cons Of Discord:

  • Discord has problems with hostile behavior and abuse in chats and some communities of chats servers are being hacked by other communities.
  • Discord has a tracking system that can be disabled
  • Every application can be monitored on your computer. It means that your data is stored by the company.
  • If you are using discord on your mobile device it may lock you until you provide them your mobile number
  • Discord is full of people who don’t know that they are targeted VPN usage will trigger this out. Anatomy on discord is not safe

In the task of privacy, Discord is downright awful