Pros Of Discord:

  • To protect the services and users from hacking a safety team is on call to monitor the servers and to respond to reports
  • It allows chatting with small and large groups through text or voice.
  • Discord can be used in the background if you have this application on PC while doing other tasks on it.
  • Discord is available on windows, mac, Linux, Android, iOS application
  • By using discord you can create or join the server. Server means a group of like-minded gamers
  • If you wish you can create your server to have a community. After the creation of the server, you can invite your friends by sharing the code of server
  • Discord offers a beautiful interface by which you can switch from one channel to another. You can Add mentions, hashtags in the conversation. You can also share images, videos, files, links from desktop, mobile.
  • You can add your friends using discord tag which is limited to four characters in length. You can add friends and message them outside of the server and can block direct messages from unwanted people.
  • Discord encrypts the chats and other data, it protects the IP address.
  • Discord has back end servers with DDoS protection with automatic failover mechanism which works in server issues.
  • Discord uses auto-switch to a new server to prevent the loss of data
  • Discord is designed to provide less impact on CPU as to increase game performance