Pros Of Instagram:

  1. This application is being used by most of the people than that of twitter and facebook.
  2. This is very useful for the people who love pictures as there are lots of filters for editing.
  3. As the Instagram application will differentiate the business app from the personal app. If you turn your account like a business account then you will have a lot of features that will be unlocked.
  4. There will be 100 million active users per day as 60% will log in daily and 90% are under the age of 35, 50% will use for market research
  5. By using Instagram the information can be shared in an original way
  6. By taking pictures at different scenarios artistic ability will be increased

Cons Of Instagram:

  1.  It has limitations on availability as it can be efficiently used on android and ios. The original experience can’t be created by online access.
  2. Everyone who is following you can access your photos and videos what you post
  3. This application will develop some sort of addiction to it.
  4. It has limited features in filtering
  5. The copyrights for the information can be lost easily in social media as the people can access your photo and they can repost it or copy it to the other parties.