Linkedin is a service that can be operated on websites and mobile apps. This application is launched on May 5, 2003. This is considered as one of the official website to upload CVs and to seek jobs for job seekers. By 2019, LinkedIn has 630 million members in 150 countries. LinkedIn allows the users to create profile and connections on each other in online social network which helps to increase professional relationships.

LinkedIn allows the users to create profiles that need to consist of work experience, education, skills, and personal photo. Any user can find jobs by applying to the desired one. This site provides a medium to connect with each other that leads to professional relationships. The users can invite anyone to create a connection if the invitee selects the invitation as spam there will be no relationship created between them. If a user gets more spam alerts then that account will be blocked or closed.


Features Of Linkedin Application: The following are the list fo fetuares rae are offered in linkedin application.

Hide Connections: The connections can be hidden by the users if required. This can be done in the settings by activating the privacy and settings then click who can see your connections finally choose only me or your connections then the connections will be hidden.

Export Connections: This feature allows the users to export connections to contact management systems and the contacts can be downloaded in spreadsheet which includes contact names, current company names, email address.

Create LinkedIn Showcase: To create a business unit to target specific audience to create a showcase page is a good idea. As this feature will allows the users to target different buyers. Linkedin allows the users to follow specific showcase pages without following the company’s main page.

Hide Identity While Viewing Profile: In linkedin application if you check any one profile then that will be notified to the users. Inorder to hide the identity you need to change the privacy settings by clicking on select what others see when you have viewed their profile so that you will be provided with multiple options then select the appropriate one and click on save option.

Save Searches: The linkedin application [provides n option to save the searches in order to revisit them incase if you required them. The maximum limit to save job searches is 10 and person search is 3. This process can be done by implement the search procedure then click on the save search option that is available.

Add Media To Profile: The linkedin application allows the users to upload videos, documents and files. There is even possibility to upload sample of work and project. To do this tap on edit profile then click on media icon and then upload the file.

How To Install Linkedin On Android Device: The following is the procedure that need to be followed for the installation of linkedin application on the android device.

Open play store in your mobile device and search for the linkedin application in the search bar that is available in the play store. The result for the linkedin application will be provided then select the linkedin application, tap on the install option that is available below the application. The downloading process will be started as soon as the install option of the application is tapped.

How To Uninstall How To Uninstall Linkedin On Android Devices: The following is the procedure that needs to be followed for uninstalling the linkedin application.

On opening the settings on the mobile device search for the linkedin application and then click on the uninstall option that is available down the linkedin application. The app will be uninstalled as soon as you click the uninstall button