Share-it is a sharing application that is used by 600 million users in India and Indonesia and 1.8 billion users all over the world. There are 500 million monthly active users in 200 countries as the application operates with 45 languages. Shareit is the fastest sharing application that doesn’t even require the internet as a platform to transmit files from the sender to the receiver. The shareit application is 200 times faster in the process of file sharing when compared to Bluetooth. This application used to share the images, videos, files of any format. The transfer of files between the devices can do through desktop, mobile devices. Share it provides high-quality content for global users, which can be shared faster when compared to any other platform, and the process is also a bit easy for transformation. Share it uses big data and AI to transmit the videos, movies.

  • Shareit follows a peer-to-peer exchange method while connecting the devices. The shareit application will send the large-sized files fast within seconds. At the time of transmission files, they are stored in device instead of cloud to provide security to the data.
  • By using the shareit application, the files that can share in the format of txt, html, word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF documents, folders, apps. The shareit application is portable on windows ten; also, this application is available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Russian.
  • To transmission of files from one device to another device can be done by connecting both the devices. The devices need to install with shareit application. Two roles can play in the share of its application as the sender and receiver. The sender is the one who transfers the files, and the receiver is the one who receives the files. Select any one of the options and to send the file, selects the desired file, and then select drag and drop. The mobile device will search for the nearby users to receive the files as soon as it finds the exact receiver, the files will send. The files received stored in the device drivers or the files inside SHAREit application; the photos will save in the gallery folder of the device.

  • The shareit application is ranked as the fastest file sharing application as this application is 200 times faster than that of Bluetooth. The share it application supports different platforms as windows, android, windows operating system, Mac OS.
  • The transmission of files can be done only through the devices with the same platform as windows to windows and android to android, but the files can be transmitted from mobile phone to PC by using of hotspot on PC or phone or LAN.

The files that transmitted between the sender and reciever stored in the cloud to provide the security the files will be saved only in the receiver device. The shareit application allows transferring huge files and even apps, including data folders, and the process of transmission is also done easily with a single tap.