Pros and cons of Snapchat App

Pros of Snapchat App

  • It’s an easy way to provide an experience
  • You can use filters with the app
  • Consumers can communicate directly with companies
  • You get to see who is watching your snaps
  • Snapchat collects the snaps from specific events to create singular stories
  • Commercial content in Snapchat feels less interruptive
  • You can post content in Snapchat that you wouldn’t post anywhere else
  • It is easy to connect with the platform to get started
  • Content length is short and easy to consume on Snapchat
  • There is a useful Discover feature included with Snapchat

Cons of Snapchat App

  • The audience of Snapchat is rather limited
  • This application doesn’t provide much in the way of analytics
  • Stories on Snapchat are available for a limited time.
  • Most of the content shared on Snapchat is useless
  • The Snapchat interface can be temperamental
  • It isn’t as easy to add friends on snapchat compared to other social media platforms
  • Snapchat videos are intended for vertical viewing
  • It encourages bad behavior
  • There is no official resharing option
  • Many users find Snapchat to be addictive.