Telegram is an instant messaging and voice over IP service. Telegram is available for android, iOS, windows phone,macOS, Linux, Windows NT which is launched by Nikolai, Pavel Durov. A telegram is an open-source software that allows users to send photos, videos, stickers, audio, files of any type. This provides API to independent developers, End-to-end encryption is provided between client and server for calls and messages.

Telegram has 100,000 active users by 2013, it has 35 monthly users, 15 million active users daily, 1 million users signing up every week, 2 billion daily messages by 2014,  by 2016 it has 100 million monthly users with 350,000 new users, 15 billion messages, In 2017 there are 180 million monthly users, 200 million monthly users, 3 million sign up, 300 million users worldwide.


Features Of Telegram:

  • Cloud-based messages:

                The telegram messages are cloud-based as they can be connected with other devices. Users are allowed to share messages, photos, videos, other files. The messages can be sent to 100,000 members they can be deleted on the sender and receiver within 48 hours. All the messages are encrypted with MTProto protocol.

  • Account:

A user can assign settings that allow the users to send and receive messages without providing their number. Telegram accounts can be deleted automatically which can be changed from 1 month to 12 months. The method of authentication for login is SMS-based single-factor authentication.

  • Bots:

Bots are Telegram accounts that are operated by programs that can respond to mentions, messages. This can allow online payments with a credit card, apple pay. There are inline bots as users need to type the message field a bot’s username and query.

  • Channels:

Channels are one way messaging where only admins can post all the users are allowed to create and subscribe to channels, channels can be created for broadcasting messages to the number of subscribers. Channels are available with a permanent URL so that anyone can join and leave anytime they need.

  • Stickers:

        Stickers are cloud-based which has high definition images to express more emoji. Stickers come in a collection called assets, multiple stickers can be offered for one emoji. The telegram comes with one default sticker set, the required stickers can be installed by the users. Stickers use WebP file format, which is better for transmission over the internet.

  • Drafts:

     Drafts are messages that are saved in the user device. The drafts will be available in editing area on any device unless until it’s removed

  • Secret chats

                    There is a feature for the messaging with client-to-client encryption. The messages sent on the secret chat can be accessed on the device only. These messages can be self-destructed, they can be deleted anytime we want. Secret chats are accepted and invited with an invitation. Users in the secret chat can verify that no man in the middle attack has occurred by comparing pictures that visualize their public key fingerprints. Secret chats are not available for groups or channels, windows and Linux are not able to use secret chats.

  • Voice calls

Telegram calls are built through end-to-end encryption of secret chats. The connection will be established as a peer-to-peer otherwise closet server of the client will be used. There are neural networks that work to learn various technical parameters to provide better quality.

  • Telescope

         Since version 4.0 telegram offers a dedicated video hosting called telescope. The videos can be one minute long with autoplay when posted on a public channel on Instagram they can be viewed without an account in the telegram video messages and telescope videos sent within non-public chats or groups are not published

  • Live locations

     The live location of the users can be shared in the 4.4 version. If the location is shared by multiple people in the group then the location is shown on the interactive map.

  • Social login

 Telegram launched a social login feature as it can feature a website with a telegram account. The gateways send users with names, usernames, profile pictures to the owner of the website.