Pros of Telegram:

The following are the features that are offered in telegram. The list is as given below

  • It as high security when compared to other messaging applications
  • You can share multiple images, videos up to 1024 MB
  • Real-time support is provided as the users can call the company for any query
  • It has high reliability there is no chance of loss of data
  • It is completely free and no ads are displayed which provides a better platform to communicate than other apps
  • The data is stored on clouds as you can access the data from many devices
  • There are two types of chats as ordinary chats, secret chats. The ordinary chats are encrypted with client-server encryption, the secret chats are encrypted with end-to-end encryption
  • This can be used on other devices also
  • This provides a large amount of space for saving and downloading files, as the files are stored in the cloud there is no possibility of losing data.
  • This application is free of cost and there are no subscription fees, premium content
  • This is easily downloaded from the play store

Cons Of Telegram:

The following are the cons that are associated with a telegram. The list is as given below

  • Telegram permanently stores contacts, messages, media with decryption keys on the servers and doesn’t allow end-to-end encryption.
  • The custom-designed encryption protocol is not reliable and secure
  • It’s highly impossible to know that another person is online or not
  • It doesn’t have voice or video chat feature
  • You can’t send more than one file at a time as multiple files can’t be selected at a time
  • You need to open the file for sometimes to receive messages
  • If the messages are not sent through secret chats they won’t be encrypted, all the messages are stored on telegram server
  • There is no secret chat feature provided in the personal computer this is a feature that is exclusively available for mobile device users
  • When a new profile picture is uploaded the old picture remains there itself