Uninstall process in Android and iPhone:

If you want to delete Viber from your device and wanted to delete from your phone the below is the process. Deleting the application is different from the deactivating of an application.

Deleting application is that if you again install in the future, still your account will access easily, in case of term deactivation is like account delete completely. In the future, if you again install you have to start from the initial step.


  • Go to the phone device settings.
  • Choose manger applications.
  • Select the Viber application and click on the delete option and delete it.


  • Form the home screen, select Viber.
  • Long press the application.
  • You will available with two options cancel and delete
  • Choose delete and then conform to the uninstall option.

Uninstall in iPhone device:

  • Find the Viber application from the home screen.
  • Tap and hold on the application.
  • When the X marks occurred to select the option and confirm the uninstall by click on the enter button.

Latest version:

Android:, the Operation system: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS.

iPhone: 12.1 is the latest version of the iPhone device.


  • Read phone status and identity.
  • Read, edit, receive and send your text messages.
  • Take pictures and videos.
  • Record audio clips.
  • Approximate location sharing.
  • Edit your contacts.
  • Use accounts on the device.
  • Maintain an online status.
  • Bluetooth settings.
  • Control vibration or settings.
  • Set wallpaper to the background device.
  • Maintain call forwarding quality.
  • Sync On and off the account.
  • The test can access the storage called SD.
  • Allow Google notifications.